The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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night for her long walks round the nursery, and turned up her china nose at any toy she met.
And then one night the teddy-bear saw a curious thing. He noticed that wherever Florrie went she left a thin trail of something behind her. Whatever could it be?
He went to look at it. It
She left a trail of dust behind her.
seemed like thick yellow dust to him. He did not know what sawdust was, for he had never seen any. Could it be some powder that Florrie used?
He called the other toys and told them about it. They watched Florrie, and saw that it was quite true. She did leave a little trail of dust behind her wherever she went!
Florrie didn't notice it, of course. You can't see much when your nose is in the air. But soon the toys began to notice something else too.
" Florrie's getting thinner! " whispered the teddy-bear to Snow-White. " Isn't it strange? "
Snow-White looked at Florrie. " So she is! " said the doll. " I wonder why."
" I think I know! " said the sailor-doll. " That dust we keep finding here and there is what she's stuffed with. She's leaking! She'll soon be gone to nothing!"
"How dreadful!" said the golden-haired doll. "I'm made of rubber, so I can't leak. What will happen to Florrie? "
"She'll just leak till she's
empty and then she won't have a body at all," said the bear. " Well, let her, the stuck-up thing! "
But Snow-White was kind-hearted. " We must warn Flor­rie," she said. So she went up to the big old doll and spoke to her timidly. " Please, Madam," she said, " I've something to say."
Please, Madam, I've something to say.'
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