The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Then say it quickly," said Florrie, in her grandest voice.
" We think you're leaking," said Snow-White. " Don't you think you'd better not walk about any more ? You might leak away to nothing."
Florrie was very angry. " Leaking! " she cried. " I don't believe it! It's just a horrid trick of yours to stop me taking my evening walks. Don't let me hear another word! "
Well, Snow-White couldn't do anything. She and the other toys watched Florrie walking about, leaving her trail of sawdust everywhere as usual, and they wondered how soon all her sawdust would be gone.
Now the little hole that had come in Florrie's back suddenly got very much bigger—and one evening such a heap of sawdust trickled out that really there was hardly any of poor Florrie left except her head and her clothes and the pink covering that used to hold in the sawdust. So she crumpled up on the carpet, and lay there all alone! The toys were upset, but before they could do anything the door opened and in walked Katie's mother!
Of course she saw Florrie on the floor and she picked her up. She saw the sawdust, and she knew what had happened.
" Oh, poor Florrie! " she said. " You're leaking! I'll have to get you a nice new body. Sawdust is out of fashion now! "
So she took Florrie away, and the toys didn't see her for two weeks. When she came back she was quite different! The toy-man had given her a nice fat velvet body, with baby legs and feet. Her long dress didn't fit her any more, so Mother had made her a woollen frock and a bonnet. She looked sweet!
The toys quickly cooked a few buns on the little stove, and held a party to welcome Florrie back. She was so pleased. The toys in the toy­shop had laughed at her for being old-fashioned, and had called her :< Madam Sawdust." It was lovely to be back in the nursery, where the toys made a fuss of her.
" I'm so glad to see you all," said Florrie. " I'm sorry I was silly and stuck-up before. I'm half new and half old now, so I feel quite different. I'd like to join in your games and be friends."
1 You shall, Florrie! " cried every one; and you should just see them each night, having a lovely time with Florrie. Everybody is pleased that Florrie is so different—except one person.
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