The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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all some of the things I know. Some day I shall be an old toy, and perhaps the children will give me away. Then you will not have me to nurse you and mend you. But if I tell you all I know, and you learn it well, you will be able to look after each other."
The toys thought this was a very good idea. " We'll all come and listen to you each night! " they said; but the fairy doll sulked.
" Who wants to listen to the dull things that that silly old nurse doll tells? " she said to the golliwog. " Don't listen to her, Golly. Come for a walk with me instead. Let's go and visit the rocking-horse and ask him for a ride."
" I will, after I've heard what the nurse doll has to say to-night," said Golly.
That made the fairy doll very angry indeed. She always liked to have her own way, and she walked off in a rage, her pretty little nose stuck up in the air, and her pretty little feet stamping loudly!
The golliwog sighedóbut he went to join the ring that sat round the clever little nurse doll.
That night she told them what to do with cuts and scratches, and she showed them her little bottle of brown iodine. " Always wash a cut or a scratch," she said, " and then dab it with the stuff out of this bottle. Then your cuts will never go bad, but will heal up quickly. Don't forget, will you? "
The toys promised not to. They ran off to play.
The golliwog went to find the fairy doll, but the naughty little thing had locked herself in the dolls' house, and she wouldn't come out. The golliwog was sad. But all the same he went to listen to the nurse doll's lesson the next night too, although the fairy doll said she would never go out to tea with him again if he did.
:< But, fairy doll, it's important that we should know how to look after ourselves and after each other too," he said. " Don't you think you ought to come? You might learn something that would be very useful to you one day."
" Pooh!" said the fairy doll rudely, and she actually threw a brick at the golliwog. It didn't hit him but he felt very hurt, all the same.
That night the nurse doll explained how to treat a cold. " It is best to go to bed at once," she said, " and to keep very warm and have
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