The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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"I saw you, Wooden Soldier, going about in the blazing sun."
Some of the toys couldn't, so the nurse doll said it all over again. The golliwog had a good memory and he soon knew it all. He went to find the fairy doll, after the lesson was over, for he thought that really she would be interested to hear what the nurse doll had taught them that night.
But the fairy doll was still sulking, though she was really getting a bit tired of being so silly.
" Go away! " she said. " I'm tired of seeing you go to the nurse doll's silly lessons every night when you might be playing with me. You are very horrid."
"' But, fairy doll, the lessons may be so useful," said the golliwog. " Think now—I know what to do if anyone cuts or scratches himself; I know what to do for sunstroke; I know what to do for a cold; and I even know what to do if anyone gets on fire! "
" Pooh! " said the fairy doll, banging her front-door shut. " Who wants to know dull things like that! "
The golliwog went away and played sadly with the clockwork mouse, who pretended that he had a cold and wanted the golly to nurse him. The
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