The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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golliwog loved the fairy doll very much, but he couldn't help thinking she was behaving in a horrid, unkind manner.
The next night was terribly coldóso cold that the nurse doll said there wouldn't be any lesson.
" You had better all cuddle up to one another and keep each other warm," she said. " Jack Frost is about to-night, ready to pinch our fingers and toes! "
The golliwog went to the dolls' house to ask if the fairy doll would come out and sit on the shelf with him, so that he could warm her. But she wouldn't open the door.
" I'm going to light my fire in the kitchen! " she called. " I shall be nice and warm then. You wouldn't come with me the last four evenings when I asked you to, so I shan't come with you now! "
" Oh, fairy doll, don't be so silly! " begged the golliwog, shouting through the letter-box. " Let me light the fire for you, and get it going properly. Then I will sit with you in the kitchen and talk, because there is no lesson to-night."
But the fairy doll wouldn't open the door. She took down the matches and struck one. It went out. She struck anotheróand the lighted head flew off, and fell on to her gauzy frock.
And, oh dear, oh dear! the pretty frock caught fire at once and blazed up. The fairy doll was on fire! She screamed. "Help! Help! I'm on fire! Oh, help, help!"
The golliwog looked in at the kitchen win≠dow, horrified. He saw the fairy doll alight. He threw up the window and jumped in, trying to remember what the nurse doll had taught him.
" I must wrap her round in a blanket or a rug! " thought the golliwog. He looked round the room. There was no blanketóbut on the floor was a hearth-rug. The golly caught it up and ran to the doll. He wrapped it all round her as tightly as he could, smothering the flames and putting them out.
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