The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Slip-Around's Wishing Wand
O nce upon a time there was a great magician called Wise-one. He was a good magician as well as a great one, and was always trying to find spells that would make people happy and good.
But this was very difficult. He had made a spell to make people happy óbut not good as well. And he had found a spell that would make them goodóbut not happy too. It wasn't any use being one without the other.
Now one day he found a marvellous way of mixing these two spells togetheróbut he hadn't got just one thing he needed.
" If only I had a daisy that had opened by moonlight, I believe I could just do it! " said Wise-one, as he stirred round a great silvery mix≠ture in his magic bowl. " But whoever heard of a moonlight daisy? I never did! "
Now just at that moment, who should peep into his window but Slip-Around the brownie. When he heard what Wise-one was saying, his eyes shone.
" Wise-one, I can get a daisy that has opened in the moonlight," he said.
" What! " cried Wise-one, in delight. " You can! Well, there's a full moon to-nightópick it for me and bring it here."
" What will you give me if I do? " asked Slip-Around.
" Oh, anything you like! " said Wise-one.
" Well, will you give me your wishing-wand? " asked Slip-Around, at once.
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