The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" How do you know anything about my wishing-wand? " said Wise-one.
" Oh, I slip around and hear things, you know," said the brownie, grinning. "You hear too much," grumbled Wise-one. " Well, as I said you could have anything, you can have that— but only if you bring me the daisy! "
Slip-Around ran off. He meant to play a trick on the magician! He didn't know where any daisies were that opened in the moonlight—but he knew how to make a daisy stay open!
He picked a fine wide-open daisy, with petals that were pink-tipped underneath. He got his glue-pot and set it on the fire. When the glue was ready he took the daisy in his left hand and a very fine paint-brush in his right.
Then, very daintily and carefully Slip-Around glued the petals together so that they could not shut. He put the daisy into water when it was finished and looked at it proudly. Ah! That would trick Wise-one all right! He would get the wishing-wand from him—and then what a fine time he would have!
When night came the daisy tried to shut its petals—but it could not, no matter how it tried, for the glue held them stiffly out together. So, instead of curling them gently over its round yellow head, the daisy had to stay wide open.
Slip-Around looked at it and grinned. He waited till the moon was up, and then went to Wise-one's cottage with the wide-open daisy. The magician cried out in surprise and took the daisy eagerly. He put it into water.
" Good! " he said. " I'll use that to-morrow—it's just what I want for my spell."
" Can I have the wishing-wand, please? " said Slip-Around slyly. He didn't mean to go away without that!
Wise-one unlocked a cupboard and took out a shining silvery wand with a golden sun on the end of it. He gave it to Slip-Around. " Use it wisely," he said, " or you will be sorry! "
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