The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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At once a giraffe appeared and put the astonished old woman on its back. Then very solemnly it took her trotting up and down the street. She clung to its neck in fright. Slip-Around laughed and laughed.
" This is fun! " he said, looking round at everybody. " Ha ha—you didn't think I really had a wishing-wand, did you! Now where's Nibby— he scolded me the other day. Oh, there you are, Nibby! Would you like a bear to play with? "
" No, thank you," said Nibby at once.
" Well, you can have one," said Slip-Around. " Bear, come and play with Nibby! "
Up came a big brown bear and tried to make poor Nibby play with it. Nibby didn't like it at all. When the bear pushed him in play, he fell right over.
" Now just stop this nonsense," said Mister Skinny, stepping up to Slip-Around firmly. " If you don't, I shall go to Wise-one to-morrow and tell him the bad things you have done with the wishing-wand."
" Ho ho!—by that time I shall have wished Wise-one away to the end of the world! " said Slip-Around. " You won't find him in his cottage! No—he'll be gone. And I shall wish myself riches and power and the biggest castle in the land. And I've a good mind to make you come and scrub all the floors, Mister Skinny! "
" Hrrrrumph! " said the elephant, and walked into the next-door garden to tramp on the flowers there. It was Mister Skinny's. He gave a yell of rage.
" Mister Skinny, I don't like yells in my ear," said Slip-Around. " You yell like a donkey braying. I'll give you donkey's ears! There! How funny you look! "
Mister Skinny put his hands to his head. Yes—he now had donkey's ears growing there. He turned pale with fright. Every one began to look afraid. It seemed to be quite true that Slip-Around had a real wishing-wand. What a dangerous thing for a brownie like him to have!
The little folk tried to slip away unseen, back to their houses. But Slip-Around was enjoying himself too much to let them go.
" Stop! " he said. " If you don't stay where you are, I'll give you all donkey's ears—yes, and donkey's tails too! "
Every one stopped at once. Slip-Around caught sight of Mister
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