The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Pineapple the greengrocer. " Ha! " said the brownie, " wasn't it you that gave me a slap the other day? "
" Yes," said Mister Pineapple bravely. " I caught you taking one of my apples, and you deserved to be slapped."
" Well, I wish that every now and again a nice ripe tomato shall fall on your head and burst," said Slip-Around. And immediately from the air a large ripe tomato fell on to the top of Mister Pineapple's head and burst with a loud, squishy sound. Mister Pineapple wiped the tomato-juice out of his eyes. Almost at once another tomato fell on him. He looked up in horror, and moved away—but a third tomato fell from the sky and got him neatly on the top of his head.
Slip-Around began to laugh. He laughed and he laughed. He looked at the great elephant, and laughed. He looked at poor Dame Toddle still riding on the giraffe, and laughed. He looked at Nibby trying to get away from the big playful brown bear, and laughed. He laughed at Skinny's donkey-ears. In fact, he laughed so much and so loudly that he didn't hear some one coming quickly down the street. He didn't see some one creep up behind him and snatch at the wishing-wand!
" Oooh! " said Slip-Around, startled. " Give me back my wand—or I'll wish you at the bottom of the village pond! "
Then he began to tremble—for who was standing there, frowning and angry, but Wise-one, the great magician himself!
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