The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" You wicked brownie! " said Wise-one sternly. " You gave me a daisy whose petals were glued open so that it couldn't shut—not a real moonlight daisy. I have spoilt my wonderful spell. You have no right to the wishing-wand. I shall take it back with me."
" Oh, why didn't I wish you to the end of the world when I had the chance! " wailed Slip-Around. " Why didn't I wish for riches—and power —and a castle—instead of playing about with elephants and giraffes and things! "
" Great magician! " cried Mister Skinny, kneeling down before Wise-one. " Don't go yet. Look what Slip-Around has wished for! Take these things away from us! "
Wise-one looked around in astonishment and saw the bear and the elephant and the giraffe, and the donkey's ears on poor Skinny's head, and the ripe tomatoes that kept falling, squish, on to Mister Pineapple.
" I'll remove them from you," he said to the listening people, " but I'll give them to Slip-Around. He will perhaps enjoy them! "
He waved the wand and wished. The elephant at once went to Slip-Around's garden and trampled his best lettuces. The giraffe let Dame Toddle get off and went into Slip-Around's house, where he chewed the lampshade that hung over the ceiling light. The bear romped over to the frightened brownie and knocked him down with a playful push.
The donkey's ears flew from Mister Skinny to Slip-Around—and lo and behold! the ripe tomatoes began to drop down on the surprised brownie, one after the other, till he was quite covered in tomato-juice!
" You've got what you wished for other people," said Wise-one with a laugh. " Good-night, every one. Go back to bed."
They all went home and got into bed, wondering at the night's strange happenings. They were soon asleep—all except Slip-Around. He had the elephant, the giraffe, and the nuisance of a bear in his cottage with him—and it was terribly crowded! His donkey-ears twitched, and he had to wipe tomato off his head every minute. How unhappy he was!
Poor Slip-Around! He had to sleep under an umbrella at last, and the giraffe ate up the tomatoes that fell down plop! The elephant snored like a thunderstorm, and the bear nibbled the brownie's toes for a joke. It was all most unpleasant. And somehow I think that Slip-Around won't try to cheat any one again! What do you think?
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