The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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saw his friend, the sandy rabbit, playing very near—oh, much too near that thick blackberry bush!
" The fox is waiting to catch the rabbit! " thought the bee, in fear. " How can I save him? He was so kind to me! "
He saw the fox stiffen ready to pounce. Straightway the bee flew down to the sharp nose of the red fox. He dug his sting into the fox's nose and then flew off in a hurry.
The fox barked in pain as the bee stung him, and swung his head from side to side, rustling the bush. The sandy rabbit heard—and in a trice he was off to his hole, his little white bobtail bobbing up and down as he went, a danger-signal to all the other rabbits there.
"Fox! " he cried, "redfox! "
The fox knew it was no good waiting any longer. He would never catch the rabbit now that he knew his hiding-place. He slunk off, furiously angry with the bee. But the little bee was pleased. " I am only small," he hummed, " but I can do a kind turn as well as anybody else. You did not know I should save your life one day, rabbit, when you saved mine! Little creatures can often do big things."
The bumble-bee was quite right, wasn't he!
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