The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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make it pour out cream for him whenever he wanted some! Oh, what a fine idea.
" But where shall I hide the jug ? " wondered Green-eyes. " I know. I will hide it behind the bath in the bathroom upstairs. I can take my dish up there, and no one will ever know. Ho, ho. I'll have cream now whenever I want it."
The naughty cat first of all took his dish upstairs and put it behind the bath, then he went to fetch the jug. It was difficult for him to reach, but he managed it. He pushed a chair to the dresser, jumped up on it, leapt on to the dresser, and took the jug-handle in his mouth. Then, very carefully, he jumped down to the floor again and ran upstairs with the jug. The next thing to get was a drop of cream. But was there any in the larder? Green-eyes didn't think so. Down he ran again and went to the larder.
He stood up with his front paws on the shelf and sniffed round. No— there was no cream—but wait a minute—there was a bowl of milk there, and on the top of it was a layer of cream, for the milk was very rich.
" Good," thought Green-eyes, pleased. He took a spoon and scraped off a drop of cream. Then upstairs he went once more, and emptied the spot of cream into the magic jug.
There it was, at the bottom of the jug. Green-eyes felt excited. He spoke to the jug.
" Pour cream, little jug," he said. At once the jug tilted itself up, and a steady stream of rich cream fell into the bowl. Green-eyes licked it up as fast as it poured in.
And just at that very moment, the door-bell rang. " It's only the washing come back," said Green-eyes to himself. " I'll just pop downstairs and get it, and then hurry back here. The bowl will be full again by then."
So, leaving the jug still pouring cream steadily into his bowl, Green-eyes ran down the stairs at top speed. He opened the front door, thinking to see the girl who brought back the washing—but
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