The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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instead he saw the wizard who often came to pay a call on Witch Tiptap.
" Is your mistress in? " asked the wizard, walking into the hall.
" No, sir, she is out to tea," said Green-eyes.
" Well—what a nuisance," said the wizard. " I want to write a letter. Where's the paper and ink?"
" In here, sir," said Green-eyes, running before the wizard into the little parlour. " You will find all you want here."
He was just running upstairs when the wizard called him.
" Ho, Green-eyes. There is no ink in the inkstand."
Is your mistress in ?
Green-eyes did not dare to keep the wizard waiting, for he had a very hot temper. So down he ran, and tore into the kitchen to get the big ink-bottle. He filled the inkstand, and went off again. But he was only half-way up the stairs when the wizard shouted for him again.
" What do you want to keep running off like that for? Come here. The nib in this pen is rusty."
" Tails and whiskers, that cream will be running over," said Green-eyes in a panic. " What a mess it will make. I'll have to clear it up before Tiptap comes home."
He ran to the kitchen drawer and got out the box of nibs that he knew was kept there. He chose one, and gave it to the wizard. Then off he went again, running upstairs.
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