The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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But before he could reach the bathroom the wizard called him again.
" Green-eyes! Green-eyes! Bless us all, why does that cat disappear like this ? Doesn't he like my company ? Green-eyes, will you come here ? There are. no envelopes at all. How can I write a letter without an envelope to put it in?"
Poor Green-eyes. He fled downstairs again, and found the angry wizard some envelopes. He was just going to slip out of the door once more when the wizard looked at him sternly.
" Why do you keep running off like that? " he asked. " Have you something so important to do? "
" N-n-n-n-n-no," stammered Green-eyes, not knowing quite what to say.
" Then stay here," said the wizard, beginning to write his letter. " I'm tired of calling you whenever I want anything. Sit down in that chair where I can see you, and don't disturb me by running upstairs again."
Green-eyes sat meekly down in the chair. Presently the wizard became interested in his letter, and his head bent so low that his nose almost touched the paper. Green-eyes felt quite sure he could not see him—so, very quietly, he slid out of the chair, crept out of the door on velvet paws, and shot up the stairs as if a hundred dogs were after him.
And just outside the bathroom door he saw something that made his heart sink down into his paws! Cream was leaking out under the door!
" The bowl has overflowed, and the cream is all over the floor! " thought poor Green-eyes. "Oh, my! What shall I do? I simply must go into the bathroom and stop that jug."
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