The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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way, he glanced up the stairs. To his horror he saw that the cream was dripping from the top step to the next one! It had run out on to the landing and was now going to roll slowly down the stairs.
" Sit down again," said the wizard. " I am not going to have you popping in and out of the room. It is most upsetting."
So Green-eyes sat down. Presently a soft dripping sound was heard. The wizard pricked up his ears.
" What's that noise? " he said.
" P-p-p-perhaps it's the k-k-k-kitchen tap dripping," stammered Green-eyes, not knowing what to say.
" Go and turn it off then," said the wizard. " A dripping noise annoys me."
Green-eyes shot out of the door, meaning to go upstairs and get the magic jug—but the wizard heard him going upstairs and roared at him.
" Does your kitchen tap live upstairs? Go into the kitchen and turn it off! "
So Green-eyes went sadly to the kitchen—but, of course, the tap was not dripping. Then he went back to the parlour and once more sat down.
The dripping noise went on. The wizard heard it and looked at Green-eyes.
" Was the kitchen tap dripping? " he asked.
" No, it wasn't," said Green-eyes. " P-p-p-perhaps it's the kettle b-b-boiling over on the stove! "
" Go and see," ordered the wizard. Green-eyes went, and outside the door he paused. Yes—he would tiptoe up the stairs and see if he could do it without being heard. But the wizard had ears Hke a hare and he shouted at once.
" Don't you know your way to the kitchen? "
And Green-eyes sighed and went into the kitchen—but, of course, there was no kettle boiling over. He went back, looking very miserable— for he had seen that the cream had now dripped to the bottom step! The stairs were running with the rich yellow cream—what a mess!
" I can still hear that dripping noise," said the wizard crossly. " But I suppose it must be the rain."
Green-eyes said nothing—and then he saw something that made his fur stand up on end! Cream was creeping in under the door! Yes—it
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