The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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really was. It had spread over the hall and had made its way to the parlour. Green-eyes looked at it and didn't know what to do. So he sat there and just said nothing at all. The wizard read his newspaper, keeping an eye on Green-eyes all the time. Presently the cream reached his big feet. The wizard shuffled them about, and the cream swirled round. Green-eyes began to shiver with fright.
The cream grew deeper and the wizard felt that his feet were cold. He looked down—and when he saw the cream all round him, he jumped to his feet in fright and astonishment.
" What is all this! " he roared. " What is it? Why, it is cream! Is this a joke, you wicked cat? You have been behaving strangely all the afternoon—creeping away—falling down the stairs—and now comes this cream into the room! What have you been doing? "
" Oh, sir, forgive me! " wept the frightened cat. " I stole a magic jug of Tiptap's just before you came in, and took it up to the bathroom to hide it. Just as I made it pour cream into my bowl, the bell rang—and you came. I haven't been able to go upstairs to get the jug and stop it from pouring out cream—and so the cream has come downstairs, and spread everywhere! Oh, whatever shall I do? "
The wizard looked at the cat, and then at the cream. Then he began to laugh. What a laugh! It shook all the ornaments on the mantelpiece!
" Well, it certainly has its funny side," he said. " First of all, go up­stairs and stop the jug pouring out cream. Then come down again."
Green-eyes waded out of the room through the cream, and up the stairs. He waded to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was the little magic jug, still pouring away for all it was worth!
Green-eyes put out his paw and caught hold of it. He shook it twice, as he had seen the witch do, and it stopped pouring at once. Green-eyes went downstairs again with the jug.
" Oh, so that's the jug, is it ? " said the wizard. " I'll get Tiptap to sell it to me. Now, Green-eyes, set to work, please. I don't like my boots all
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