The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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messy like this. Lick them clean. You like cream, don't you ? Well, this will be a treat for you! My word, you'll have enough cream to last you a year! "
Green-eyes licked the cream off the wizard's boots. It tasted dreadful, mixed with boot-polish. Then the wizard said good-bye, took his letter with him, and went out of the door, still laughing.
But poor Green-eyes was left to clear up the creamy mess before his mistress came back! How he worked, poor thing! He found a mop and a broom, and took the biggest pail. Then he began to clean up the cream— and in the middle of his work Tiptap came back!
She stood in the kitchen and looked into the hall and up the stairs. She guessed at once what had happened. But Green-eyes confessed too, and soon Tiptap knew everything.
" You are a very naughty, silly, stupid cat," she said sternly. " I have a good mind to turn you into a mouse for a month."
" Oh, no, mistress, not that! " cried Green-eyes at once. " I might be caught by a cat! "
" You probably would," said the witch, severely. " And I'm not sure it wouldn't serve you right. But you are sometimes useful to me, so I will not do that. Collect all the cream into pails, dishes and bowls, Green-eyes, and you shall have it every day until it is used up. Magic must not be wasted—and you seem so fond of cream that I am sure you will enjoy it! "
Poor Green-eyes! He worked hard all the rest of the day, collecting the cream into dishes and pails. There were four pails full, and seven dishes, so you can guess what a lot there was. Green-eyes had to wash all the floors, and clean up the stair-carpet too. He was very tired when he had finished. He went to the larder to get himself some milk—but Tiptap stopped him.
" No, Green-eyes," she said. " Milk is not good enough for you, is it! You must have cream! You may have a dish of the cream."
" But I don't want it. I've turned against cream, somehow," said Green-eyes.
" Oh, I can't have it wasted," said Tiptap at once. " You must have the cream, my dear cat, or nothing at all."
So Green-eyes lapped up a dish of the cream—but oh, how he hated it! Then he went to bed. He dreamed of cream and the dishes too,
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