The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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standing in a row on the kitchen floor! It made him feel ill to see them.
The cream turned souróbut still Green-eyes had to lap it, for Tiptap meant to teach him a lesson. He groaned and grumbledóbut not until he said that never again would he take anything that wasn't his, did Tiptap forgive him.
" Well, if you really mean that, I'll forgive you," she said. " You need not finish up the cream. Go and empty it away, for it really smells dreadful now. Let this be a lesson to you, Green-eyes. I will say no more about it."
She kept her wordóbut, oh dear, whenever the wizard came to see Tiptap, how he teased Green-eyes!
" What's that dripping noise? " he would say. " Oho, Green-eyes, have you ever heard that dripping noise again? When are you coming to tea with me? I'll have CREAM for a treat. Would you like that? What! You don't like cream? Well, well, well, what a surprising cat you are! "
Then Green-eyes would slip away to a corner, and remember the dreadful cream-dayóand from that day to this he has been a good and honest little cat. So perhaps it wasn't a bad thing after all!
He lapped up a dish of creamóbut how he hated it!
Answers of putgles on page 16
i. The Letter R.
2.    Butter-cup.
3.    Bark.
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