The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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door he'll guess you've come for the tea-service, and he'll turn you into teaspoons to go with the teapot, or something horrid like that! "
" True," said Tuppy.
" Something in that! " said Higgle.
" Have to think hard about this," said Pop.
" Or we'll find ourselves in the soup," said Snippy.
" Well, Yve got an idea! " said Pip.
" WHAT? " cried every one in a hurry.
" Listen! " said Pip. " I happen to know that the wizard would be glad to have a servant—someone as tall as himself, who can lay his table properly—he has a very high table you know—and hang up his clothes for him on his very high hooks. Things like that."
" Well, that doesn't seem to me to help us at all," said Tuppy. " We aren't tall—we are very small and round! "
"Ah, wait!" said Pip. "I haven't got to my idea yet. What about us getting a very long coat that buttons from top to bottom, and standing on top of each other's shoulders, five in a high row—buttoning the coat round us, and saying we are one big tall servant? "
" What a joke! " said Pop, and he laughed.
" Who's going to be the top one, the one with his head out at the top? " asked Tuppy.
" You are," said Pip. "You're the cleverest. We others will be holding on hard to each other, five imps altogether, each holding on to each other's legs! I hope we don't wobble! "
" But what's the sense of us going like that?" said Snippy.
" Oh, how stupid you are, Snip! " said Pip. " Don't you see— as soon as the wizard gets out of
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