The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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can reach up to my pegs and tables. Come in."
Lanky-Panky stepped in. Tuppy, at the top, looked round the kitchen. It seemed rather dirty.
" Yes," said Spindle-Shanks. " It is dirty. But before you do any cleaning, you can get my tea."
" Yes, sir," said Tuppy, feel­ing excited. Perhaps the wizard would use the stolen tea-service! That would be fine.
The wizard sat down and took up a book. " The kettle's boiling," he said. " Get on with my tea."
The curious-looking Lanky-Panky began to get the tea. There was a china teapot and hot-water jug on the dresser, but look as he might, Tuppy could see no silver one.
' Excuse me, please, sir," he said politely. " But I can't find your silver tea-things."
" Use the china service! " snapped the wizard.
" Good gracious, sir! Hasn't a powerful wizard like you got a silver one? " said Tuppy, in a voice of great surprise.
" Yes—I have! " said Spindle-Shanks, " and I'll show it to you, to make your mouth water! Then I'll hide it away again, where you can't get it if you wanted to."
He opened a cupboard and there before Tuppy's astonished eyes shone the stolen tea-service on its beautiful tray.
" Ha! " said the wizard. " That makes you stare, doesn't it? Well, my dear Lanky-Panky, I am going to put this beautiful tea-service where you can't possibly get it! I am going to put it into this tiny cupboard down here—right at the back—far out of reach—so that a great, tall person like you cannot possibly squeeze himself in to get out such a precious thing."
" No, sir, no one as tall as I am could possibly get into that tiny
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