The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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cupboard," said Lanky-Panky, in a rather queer voice. " Only a very tiny person could get in there."
" And as I never let a tiny person into my house, the tea-service will be safe," said Spindle-Shanks, with a laugh. " Now, is my tea ready? "
It was. The wizard ate and drank noisily. Lanky-Panky ate a little himself. Tuppy managed to pass a cake to each of the imps without the wizard seeing, but it was quite impossible to give them anything to drink!
That night, when the wizard was asleep, Lanky-Panky unbuttoned his coat and broke up into five little imps. Each one stole to the tiny cup­board. Tuppy opened it. He went in quite easily and brought out the tea­pot. Snippy went in and fetched the hot-water jug. Pip got the milk-jug. Pop got the sugar-basin, and Higgle carried the big, heavy tray.
They managed to open the kitchen door. Then one by one they stole out—but as they crossed the yard Higgle dropped the tray!
Crash! It made such a noise! It awoke the wizard, who leapt out of bed at once. He saw the open door of the cupboard—he saw the open door of the kitchen—he spied five imps running down the hill in the moonlight.
" Imps! " he cried. " Imps! How did they get in ? Did Lanky-Panky let them in? Lanky-Panky, where are you? Come here at once, Lanky-Panky! "
But Lanky-Panky didn't come.
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