The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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B obby had a book all about cowboys. It had pictures in it, showing the cowboys galloping about on their horses and lassoing all sorts of animals. It was very exciting.
" I shall be a cowboy when I grow up," said Bobby. " I think I had better practise now. I can play at lassoing things with a rope. And perhaps Farmer Straws will let me ride his little pony sometimes."
But Farmer Straws wouldn't. " No," he said. " I'm not going to have any little scamps riding my quiet old Ladybird. You keep out of my fields, Bobby! "
Bobby was disappointed. It was difficult to be a cowboy and not have a horse.
" I shall ride on the swing-gate instead! " he said. So he climbed up on to the big swing-gate, tied his reins to the gate-post, and galloped there. Sometimes the wind swung the gate open and shut, and then it was great fun.
Mother gave Bobby the old clothes-line for a rope to practise lassoing with. He was very pleased.
But the other children laughed at him. " Bobby the cowboy! " they said. " Ha, look at him, riding on the gate for a horse, and driving the post! And look at his lasso—it's just an old clothes-line! "
Bobby didn't like being laughed at, but he was a plucky boy, and he wouldn't give up just because somebody laughed at him. He climbed up on to the gate once more and clicked to his horse-post!
And how he practised lassoing! He knew how to make a slip-knot at
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