The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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the end of his rope. He knew how to gather the rope into loops and send it spinning through the air, unwinding as it went. But it was very difficult to make the end loop drop over the thing he was aiming at!
" Bobby tries to lasso the gate-post and he nearly catches a cow! ' laughed the other children, watching. " Bobby, try to lasso Rover the farm-dog—you'll find you've caught the pig instead! "
Now it is very difficult to go on doing something when people laugh all the time—but Bobby wouldn't give up. No; he meant to learn lassoing properly—and at last he managed it! It was wonderful to see him aim at a lamp-post and see the loop drop neatly over the lamp and slither down to the foot of the post!
" What use is it, anyhow? " mocked Harry, a big boy, who was the son of Mr. Straws the farmer. " It's all right if you really live out in the Wild West country and have to lasso horses and cows, but what's the use of lassoing lamp-posts? "
" Oh, you never know when anything may come in useful," said Bobby.
Now one day all the children went down to the river to play. Harry took his baby sister with him, a little girl in a push-chair. She was strapped in safely so that she couldn't fall out. Kenneth, Elsie, Winnie and Tom went too, carrying their boats and balls. They meant to have great fun.
Harry put the baby girl some way back from the river and told her to go to sleep. Then he went off to sail his boat with the others. After that they went away into the nearby field to play ball.
Now the wind began to blow hard, and it blew the baby-girl's pram along. It blew it down the gentle slope that led to the river, and the little girl screamed.
The farmer, who was working not far off, heard the scream and looked up. When he saw his baby girl in the push-chair, running by itself to the river, he gave a great shout. He began to run.
The children heard the scream and the shout, and they were filled with horror when they saw the baby-girl going in the push-chair to the river.
" She'll fall in! " shouted Harry. " Quick! Run! "
Everybody ran, but it looked as if no one would get there in time. But wait a minute—what is Bobby doing? He has stopped—he has undone the
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