The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Ooh! " he said, startled, " it's very hot! "
So it was—almost as if it had been cooked! Sarah felt it and was most surprised.
" Let's take it home and blow it," said Benny, excitedly. " It will be the strangest and rarest egg we've got! "
So he put it into his box of cotton-wool and slid down from the wall. It was almost time to go home, so the two children picked a bunch of violets and primroses, in case their mother should wonder what they had been doing all the time, and off they went, back home again.
" I hope you didn't go bird-nesting," said their mother, when she saw what looked very much like a box sticking out of Benny's pocket.
" Oh no, Mother! " said the children untruthfully. Wasn't it horrid of them to tell such a story? But they were not very nice children, you see.
They went to the old summer-house as soon as they could, and took out the strange, striped egg. To their enormous surprise it had changed its markings! Instead of being striped in yellow, red and black, it was now spotted with orange and green. It didn't look the same egg at all!
A brightly coloured bird appeared.
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