The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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How that bird pecked them in bed!
So up the stairs they went, feeling angry with the screeching bird, but not daring to say anything about it. They undressed and got into bed, half-frightened.
" We'd better get rid of that horrid bird," whispered Benny to Sarah. " When it's dark to-night I'll take it out-of-doors and lock it in the gardener's shed."
So that night when everything was dark and quiet, Benny crept down the stairs, with the bird, hoping that it wouldn't whistle. He took it to the gardener's shed, opened the door and pushed it inside. Then quickly he slammed the door, locked it, and ran back to bed.
" It's all right! " he said to Sarah. " It's safely in the shed. Gardener will find it there to-morrow, and we needn't say anything about it."
They fell asleepóbut two hours later they were awakened by a gentle tapping on the window. They sat up. A bird-Hke voice was calling softly to them.
" Let me in! Let me in! If you don't, I shall whistle again! "
" Oh my goodness, it's that bird! " groaned Benny. " It's got out of the shed. What are we to do, Sarah ? "
" I'm just going to screech! " said the bird, tapping again. " Oho! Then your father will come and whip you both! "
In a fright Sarah jumped out of bed, opened the window and let in the bird.
" Many thanks," said the bird, and hopped to their bed. " Come on, get in and warm me! I'm cold now, for that shed was damp."
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