The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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How that bird pecked them in bed! He couldn't seem to get comfort­able and he pecked first Sarah and then Benny to make them lie just how he wanted them to.
" Are you a magic bird? " asked Benny, feeling very much scared.
" I'm a Cockalorum Bird," it answered. " You only see us once in a blue moon. You are lucky to have found my egg, I can tell you. It's hundreds of years since anyone found a Cockalorum egg."
" Well, I wish we hadn't! " said Benny, miserably. " I think you are a most unlucky bird. Please don't make that screeching whistle of yours any more."
Next day the Cockalorum Bird got up with them and hopped into Benny's pocket when he was dressed. It seemed to be able to make itself as big or as small as it wished. It was really most peculiar.
The children went to school. The bird snuggled down in Benny's pocket and fell asleep. Benny was glad. When they came out for play­time he had forgotten all about the bird. He saw the school cat lying on the window-sill in the sun and he ran up to her. He caught hold of her tail and gave it a sharp pull. The cat howled in pain.
The Cockalorum Bird woke up and peeped out. As soon as it saw what Bennv was doing it hopped up to his shoulder, pecked a small piece out of Benny's ear and gave the loudest whistle he had ever made. Then another—and another! The master came running out angrily and looked at Benny.
" Go in at once! " he said. " You shall miss your playtime, you bad boy. Making a noise like that, indeed! "
The Cockalorum Bird had flown off. It was nowhere to be seen. Benny walked sadly into the schoolroom and sat down. " I wish I hadn't pulled that cat's tail! " he thought.
Sarah was sorry that Benny was missing his playtime. She went out by herself and saw a dog outside the playground railings. She picked up a
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