The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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stone and threw it. At once she felt two sharp-clawed feet on her shoulder, and there was the Cockalorum Bird again! It pecked her on the nose and then screeched harshly. ,
The teacher at once sent the little girl indoors, though Sarah sobbed and said she really hadn't made the noise. " It was the Cockalorum Bird," she wept.
"Don't tell such stupid stories!" said the teacher, impatiently. " There's no such bird! "
The Cockalorum Bird had flown off again. Sarah couldn't see it any­where. She went in and sat down in the schoolroom with Benny. The two children looked at one another gloomily.
" We shall have to get rid of that nasty bird somehow \ " said Benny. " I think I'll throw it down the well to-night. I'll put the lid on the well so that it can't possibly get out again."
But the Cockalorum Bird didn't come back that morning, and the
two children cheered up. Perhaps
it wouldn't come back any more. How lovely!
After tea they went to play in the garden. One of the next-door hens crept under the fence and Benny saw it. In delight he began to chase it all over the place, and the frightened creature ran squawk­ing here and there.
Suddenly there was a loud whistle and down flew the Cocka­lorum Bird on to Benny's shoulder. It tweaked first one of his ears and then the other. Then it screeched again, more loudly than six railway trains!
Out came their father. "Didn't I say you were not to screech like
He ran here and there trying to escape his father.
that!" he roared. " We shall have all the neighbours complaining of
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