The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The Magic Shell
J essie and Norman had spent a whole month by the sea—and, dear me, how they had loved it. They had paddled and bathed and dug and fished—but now it was all over.
The children were sad. They sat on a sand-castle for the last time, and Jessie was almost in tears.
" I do love the sea so much," she said. " I don't want to go home."
" Nor do I," said Norman. " I wish we could take a bit of it back with us! "
" I'd like to take the sound of the waves back with me," said Jessie. " I do so love that soft, sighing, singing noise they make, Norman. It's a real seaside sound."
" Let's find a big bit of seaweed to take back," said Norman, getting up. " And some shells too, to play with."
" I don't want to," said Jessie. " If I could take the sound of the waves I'd go and look for that. But you can't take that home with you."
" Well, just come and help me then," said Norman. " If we can find a long piece of seaweed we can hang it up outside our bedroom window— and if it is dry it means good weather, and if it is damp it means bad weather. It will be fun to keep feeling it to see! "
So the two children began to hunt about for seaweed and shells. Soon their buckets were full of pretty shells that shone brightly when they were wet. Then Jessie found a very long piece of seaweed.
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