The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" It's like a mermaid's rib­bon! " she said, holding it up. " It's as tall as I am! This will be a lovely bit to take home."
Just then Norman gave a shout. " Jessie! Look at this enor­mous shell in the rock-pool here! Come and help me to get it. It is wedged under a rock."
The two children tugged at the shell—and out it came. It was indeed a big one—very curly and long, with a big opening at the end.
" Oh, this is lovely! " said Jessie. " We'll put it on the nursery mantelpiece when we get home. It is a real treasure. If I give you my seaweed will you give me this The two children tugged at the shell. shell, Norman? "
" All right," said Norman. So Jessie took the shell and he carried the long ribbon of seaweed. They went home, where Mummy was busy packing.
" Oh, dear me, I haven't room for anything else! " she said, when she saw them. " You will have to carry your shells and your seaweed in your pails."
So the two children carried their treasures home themselves. When they got home at last, Norman hung the seaweed outside the bedroom window and Jessie stood the big shell on the nursery mantelpiece. It looked lovely.
The children did miss the sea. " It seems so strange not to hear it outside the window all day and night," said Jessie. " If only I could hear it again! I am so afraid of forgetting the lovely noise the sea makes."
She looked so very miserable that Mother laughed. "Good gracious! " she said. " What a long face! Well, you brought plenty of sea-treasures home with you. Play with those."
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