The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Norman hung the seaweed outside the bedroom window and Jessie stood the
big shell on the mantelpiece.
" But what I most wanted to bring was the sound of the sea," said Jessie. " I couldn't bring that."
" Well, that is just what you have brought," said Mother suddenly, and she took the big shell down from the mantelpiece. " You have brought the song of the sea back in this shell—listen! "
She put it to Jessie's ear—and do you know, inside that shell she could hear the sound of the far-away sea! Wasn't it marvellous! She heard the little waves sighing and the big ones singing. How delighted she was!
" Oh, Mummy, Mummy! " she shouted. " The sound of the sea is inside my shell! Oh, how lovely! Oh, it's like magic! Now I shall be happy because I can hear the sea whenever I want to."
Wasn't it strange that the shell sang the song of the sea? Would you like to hear it too? Then find someone who has a big shell, and ask if you can put it to your ear. What a surprise you will get! You will hear the sea inside the shell, murmuring and sighing, far, far away.
It's like magic, isn't it!
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