The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Feathers had another good peck at the food, pretending to keep a watch for the cat every now and again. The other birds watched him hungrily—but not one ventured to fly down. They were dreadfully afraid of Nigar the cat.
Then the starling, who had been sitting on the chimney-top warming his toes, suddenly gave a splutter. " Why! There's Nigar in the next-door garden! She can't be hiding under the lilac bush! "
Sure enough, when the birds looked, there was Nigar peacefully lying in the next garden, asleep in the sun. One by one the birds flew down to the table and were soon enjoying a good meal. But Feathers had taken all the best titbits, you may be sure.
The next day Feathers went on with his trick. As soon as Hilda and Fred had filled the bird-table with scraps, and the birds had flown down to them, Feathers, who was sitting on the gutter, gave a loud chirrup.
"Chirrup! Chirrup! Fly away quickly! I can see a tabby-cat round by that tub! He's watching you all! He's going to pounce! Chirrup! "
With a flutter of wings and squawks of fright all the sparrows, chaf-
finches, starlings, and thrushes flew off the bird-table. Some went to the bushes, some flew to the roof, and others were so frightened that they flew to the fields. Feathers was pleased. He flew down to the bird-table at once and called to the others:
" I'll keep my eye on that tabby-cat! I can see him from here! I'll tell you when he's gone! Oh, you bad cat, I can see you, yes, I can see you! Chirrup, chirrup."
" Isn't Feathers brave? " said a little chaffinch with a bright pink chest.
" He's wonderful the way he sees any hiding cat," said a cock-sparrow.
They all flew off.
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