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41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Here Comes Santa Claus
A Little Play for a Christmas Party
A Christmas party is great fun, isn't it! We have balloons and crackers, lots of good things to eat, games, and perhaps a Christmas Tree. Maybe in the middle of the party Santa Claus arrives to give away presents from the tree, or from his big sack. Of course, he is usually Daddy or Uncle or Grandpa, dressed up in a red cloak and hood, with big rubber boots on, and a fine white beard.
Here is a little play for two or three boys and girls to act, preferably those who are giving the party. As you will see, when you read it, it brings Santa Claus to the party, and this makes a great excitement, especi­ally for the little ones, who will probably think that Santa Claus is quite real.
Characters: A Boy, John. A Girl, Mary.
Another Girl (or Boy), Anne (or Tom). Santa Claus. An Imp. Servant to Santa Claus.
The characters can be altered if wished, to all girls or all boys, or may be less in number or more than those suggested. In fact, make the charac­ters fit your own little family.
Properties Needed. These are very simple indeed. The scenery is just a corner of whatever room you are going to act in. A table, two or three chairs are set about. The children are dressed in overalls, which are put over their party frocks and suits, hiding them completely. Santa Claus needs the usual red cloak, rubber boots, red hood, and white beard. The imp can be dressed in long stockings, and a short tunic of any colour wished. He wears a pointed cap with a feather set in it.
Jingling bells are needed, and someone must be prepared to be outside the house, or in the hall to jingle the bells, which are supposed to be reindeer bells.
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