The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The Scene:
A room in an ordinary house just after Christmas. If there is a curtain, or screen, draw it aside to show the three child actors all busy together. One is blowing up balloons. One is busy making paper chains. The third is making out a list of party games, with paper and pencil.
John (putting down a half-blown balloon): My goodness, you do need a lot of puff to blow up balloons. How many shall we want for our party, Mary? Mary: Oh heaps. Shall I take a turn at blowing up the balloons for you, and you take a turn at these paper chains, John? I'm getting rather tired of making them for the party. (They exchange chains and a balloon}) Anne: I'm thinking of all the games we can play at our party. Blind man's buff— hunt-the-thimble — hunt-the-slipper—general post—spin-the-trencher—do tell me some more, you others! Mary: What about nuts-in-May? We always play that to start with. Anne (writing it down): Oh yes. I'd forgotten that. I say, won't it be a
fine party—with all those coloured balloons—and gay paper chains everywhere—and a lovely Christmas cake with candles—and a Christmas tree! John: I wish it would hurry up and come. I'm longing for it. If only we could get Santa Claus here too! Mary: One of us could have dressed up as Santa Claus if only we'd had the clothes. But we haven't (puffs at a balloon). Gracious! This bal­loon simply won't blow up. Anne: Think of some more games please. Shall we have hide-and-seek? John: No. That means children
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