The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Mary (clutching John's arm): Listen! I can hear something.
(A faint tinkling of bells is heard outside the house. It grows louder and louder and louder.) John: The reindeer bells! It is, it is!
(Bells jingle very loudly. Then stop. A loud voice cries " Whoa, there, whoa I WHOA! ") Anne (loudly): It must be Santa Claus!
(The sound of loud feet is heard in the hall. Then comes a bang at the room-door. It opensand Santa Claus pops his head in.) Santa: Hallo, there! Did somebody wish me here? The Children (together): Yes, yes! We did! John: Welcome, Santa Claus!
(Santa Claus strides over to the children and shakes hands with them ally beaming. The Imp tries to hide behind chair.) Santa: How do you do, how do you do! Pleased to see you all. Why
did you wish me here? John: Well—not for anything special, really. Just to see if you were
really and truly real! We used the imp's wishing-cap. Anne (plucking it off John's head, and putting it on her own): Here's his hat.
And there's the imp! (Points.) Santa: Oh, so it was you, Imp, was it, who borrowed that reindeer of
mine. How many times must I tell you not to ride the reindeer? Imp: Sorry, Santa Claus. Anyway, I've got an awful bump, where I fell
to the ground. Santa: Serves you right! Well—now that I am here, children, is there anything I can do for you? What are all these balloons and paper-chains for? Going to have a party? Mary: Yes, we are. Tomorrow. We were getting ready some of the things for it. (A sudden thought strikes her.) Oh, Santa Claus—would you—would you come to our party tomorrow? The children would so love to see you! Santa (taking out notebook and looking at it): Tomorrow? No, I'm sorry, tomorrow is impossible. I've got to go to a hospital, and give out toys to the sick children there. Quite impossible to come here too, I'm afraid. Anne (disappointed): Oh, I wish—I do do wish our party was today—now, this very minute—then you'd be here—and all our guests would see you.
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