The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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John (pointing at the wishing-cap on her head): Anne! You've wished! And
you had the wishing-cap on! Anne (shocked): So I did. I never thought what I was doing. Gracious!
Will my wish come true? Will our party be today—now, this very
minute? (The children suddenly look out to the audience, their guests, as if they now saw them for the first time. They clutch one another, and point.) Mary: It is the party! Look—there's Peter—in his best clothes! Anne: And James—and Susan—and Jane—all in party clothes! They're
looking at us! John: They've come to our party! Our wish has come true! Our party
is today—now, this very minute—and here in front of us are all
our guests! Mary (looking down at her overall in dismay): But how awful! I haven't got
any party clothes on—only my old overall! I can't be at our party
dressed like this. But there's no time to change. Everybody's here. Anne (giving her the wishing-hat): Well, take this then, and wish. It's your
turn to wish. Wish for us all to be in party-clothes, quick! Mary (putting on hat): I wish for us all to have on our party clothes! (Nothing appears to happen. The three children look down at their clothes, but their overalls are still on.) Anne (sadly): The wish didn't come true. What a pity! Santa (beaming, and lifting up Anne's overall): Oh yes, it came true. What's
this I see appearing under your overall? Anne (joyfully): Oh, my blue party frock is here, underneath! It's suddenly
come, under my overall! My wish came true! (She strips off overall, showing pretty party frock below. John and Mary do the same. They prance about a little, pleased.) Santa: Well, that's all right! All your wishes came true. Your party is
today, not tomorrow—you've got your party clothes on, instead of
your overalls—and here am I all ready to do what you want me to do! John: Oh Santa Claus—we'll introduce you to all our guests—and then
will you come and give us the presents off our Christmas Tree?
Do, do, do! Santa: Anything you like. My imp here can help me. It's time he did a
little work.
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