The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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John (facing audience): Let me introduce our Christmas friend to you! Santa Claus! Three cheers for Santa Claus!
(Everyone cheers, audience included. Then Santa goes down into the audience, and makes friends. He then goes with everyone to the room where the Christmas Tree stands, or, if there is no tree, sends his Imp into the hall to fetch his sack of toys)
End of the Christmas Party Play
(You can perform this play without asking permission from anyone,
and without paying any fee.)
Our Own Christmas Crackers
H ave you any small presents to give to your family at Christmas time? Perhaps you have a thimble for somebody, or a pencil-sharpener, or a tiny brooch? Well, instead of wrapping it up in paper, or putting in a box, make a Christmas cracker for it!
It will look pretty on the Christmas breakfast table, and is an amusing way of giving the present. I will tell you how to make the cracker.
You will want a piece of thin white paper for the lining of the cracker. Also a bit bigger piece of coloured paper. Red crinkled paper makes very pretty crackers, if you can get it.
Put the white lining paper on the coloured paper, and roll them both carefully together, the size of an ordinary cracker. See Picture i.
Now pinch in at one end, and tie round the pinch with some coloured thread to hold it in place. Pop the present into your cracker. Pinch in the other end, and tie. See Picture 2. Now you have a nice little cracker. If you have a coloured scrap, paste it on the front of your cracker to finish it off nicely, or cut out a tiny picture and paste that on instead.
Your cracker won't " pop " of course, though you can pull it and let the present out, just for fun! Don't forget to put a nice little message in with the present, will you?
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