The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The Pig That Went to Market
O nce there was a gnome named Mister Snooks. He lived in Tweedle Cottage with his little fat pig, Snorter. At least, Snorter wasn't supposed to live in the cottage, but as Mister Snooks would leave the back door open, and Snorter was very fond of sitting by the fire, it seemed as if the little pig was always indoors.
One day Mister Snooks opened his money-box and found that it was quite empty., He didn't know what to do. He was a lazy, forgetful gnome, and he really didn't want to go out to work. Oh dear! Why couldn't his money have lasted just a little longer!
" Oooomph! " said Snorter the pig, walking in at the open kitchen door and sitting down comfortably by the fire.
"Haven't I told you a hundred times you are riot to come indoors! " shouted Mister Snooks and he shooed the pig out. But he once more forgot to shut the door and after a few minutes Snorter sidled in again and sat quietly down on the hearth-rug. This time Mister Snooks didn't notice him. He was too busy staring gloomily at his empty money-box.
Then an idea came into his head. " I will sell Snorter, my little fat pig! " he cried. " He will bring me quite a lot of money! Yes—that is a good idea. What use is he I should like to know? All he does is to eat up the scraps for me, and wear a hole in my hearth-rug with sitting on it. I will go and fetch him and take him to market this very day! "
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