The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He went to the back door and looked out.
" Snorter, Snorter, Snorter! " he called. " Come here! "
Well, of course, Snorter was already there, sitting by the fire, so he didn't move. He just looked round at his master.
Snooks didn't see the pig. He kept looking out of the door and calling angrily: " Snorter! Do you hear me? Where are you? I want you! Come here, Snorter! Oh, bless that pig, wherever has he gone? "
" Oooomph! " grunted Snorter, by the fire.
Snooks turned round and saw him there. " Oh, there you are," he said, crossly. " How many times have I told you not to . . . still, never mind, I'm going to sell you at the market to-day, so you won't be bothering me much more by coming and sitting by my fire! "
Snooks put on his hat, coat and scarf, and took a piece of string out of the string-box. He tied it round the pig's hind leg and they started off together down the street.
Ho, ho I n roared Mister Straw. " That's a good joke I "
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