The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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When they came to the bus-stop, Mister Snooks sat down on the seat there. It was not quite time for the bus. He tied the pig's leg to the leg of the seat, then took out his newspaper and began to read it. When the bus came, he folded up his paper and jumped on the bus. He paid his fare and opened his newspaper again.
" The Market! the Market! " shouted the conductor, at last. Mister Snooks once again folded up his newspaper and jumped off the bus. He walked to the market, and met there a great many farmers, all with cows, goats or sheep, talking about the weather and their fields and crops.
" Good day, Mister Snooks," said one of them. "What have you come to market for? Can I sell you a fat goose? "
" No, thanks," said Mister Snooks. " I've come to sell Snorter, my little fat pig."
" Where is he? " said the farmer. " I might buy him. I want a nice little pig like that "
Snooks looked all round him. Snorter was nowhere to be seen. " Now where is he? " wondered Snooks. " Let me see, I had him on a string."
" Well, you hadn't got him with you when you came into the market," said Mister Straw, the farmer, grinning. " You don't mean to say you've come to sell your pig and have left him behind, Snooks! Ho, ho! That's just like you! "
" Well . . ." said Snooks, scratching his head and looking most astonished. " I did start out with him, I know. I remember tying him to the leg of the bus-stop seatóbut I don't remember getting him into the bus. Bless us all! If I haven't left him tied up to the seat! "
" Ho, ho! " roared Mister Straw. " That's a good joke! Well, he won't come to market by himself, Mister Snooks. You'd better go and fetch him! I'll buy him if you bring him."
Mister Snooks ran to a bus going to his village and jumped on it. He sat down and unfolded his paper again. He didn't like to think about how foolish he had been. When he arrived at the place where he had first caught the bus that morning, he looked out eagerly to see the bus-stop seat. But no little fat pig was there! Someone had untied him and he had wandered off. Mister Snooks spent a whole hour looking for him, and then went home, most annoyed with himself.
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