The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He set off again with his pig trotting quietly behind him.
He went indoors and took off his things. When he went to put some­thing in the dust-bin he left the kitchen door open as usual—and in a few minutes, the little pig, who had quietly trotted back to his garden, walked in. He sat himself down on the hearth-rug, and warmed himself by the fire. When Snooks went to take the kettle off the stove, he fell over Snorter, and bumped his nose on the fender.
" Oh, so there you are! " he said, sitting up and staring at Snorter. " How many times have I... oh well, never mind. I'm very glad you are back! I shall take you to market to-morrow. Now, get out of my way, unless you want boiling water dripped on you! "
Snorter knew Mister Snooks' carelessness with kettles, and he trotted under the table. Mister Snooks shooed him out into the garden, but in five minutes' time he was back again, oomphing quietly in front of the fire. He really was a most persistent little pig!
Next day Mister Snooks again put on his hat, coat and muffler, found a new bit of string and set off with the pig trotting quietly behind him.
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