The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Snorter couldn't make up his mind what his master was thinking of doing, but imagined that he was just taking him for a walk, like a dog. He quite enjoyed it, for a change.
This time Snooks didn't have to wait for the bus. It came rumbling up just as he got to the bus-stop. In he jumped, taking the surprised pig with him.
" You can't have that pig here," said the conductor. " Passengers won't like it."
" Well, could I put him outside by you? " asked Snooks. Snorter was sitting quietly on one of the seats, most astonished at everything. " I'll pay you a bit extra if you'll let him sit outside there, where you let people put their bags sometimes."
" All right," said the conductor. So Snorter was trotted out by the conductor, and stowed away just under the stairs that led to the top of the bus. He sat there quietly beside two bags, and poked his nose out to see what was passing.
Snooks paid fares for two, and then undid his newspaper. He had soon read it from cover to cover, and would have gone right past the market if the conductor hadn't bawled in his ear, and tapped him hard on the shoulder.
" The Market, sir, the Market! " he cried. ' Didn't you say you wanted the market. Come out then, we can't wait here all day for you to get out! "
Mister Snooks jumped with fright to hear such a shouting in his ear. He pushed his newspaper into his pocket and rushed off the bus, nearly falling on his nose. Then, catching sight of Farmer Straw in the distance, he ran after him.
" Hie, hie! " shouted the conductor. " What about your pig? "
Mister Snooks didn't even hear him, he was panting so much! He tore on, after Mister Straw.
The conductor danced with rage on his bus, and yelled more loudly than ever. "Your pig, I say! You've left your pig, your PIG, PIG, PIG! "
But Mister Snooks was too far away to hear a word. The conductor, thinking that the pig would follow Snooks to the market, undid the string and tipped him down the steps. The pig was astonished. This was a most surprising day. He had no idea where his master had gone, so he
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