The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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But in two twinks he was back again, for, as usual, Snooks forgot to shut the kitchen door!
Now the next day Snooks took up his hat, muffler and coat, and found a new piece of string to take the pig to market. He looked at himself sternly in the glass and said: " Now, Snooks, just be sensible to-day!
" Remember to take the pig into the bus—and remember to take him out of the bus! Then maybe you'll get him to market and be able to sell him for a fine price to Farmer Straw! "
Then off he went, the pig trotting happily beside him on the string. Snorter was no longer" surprised at anything now. He just thought that his master must be quite mad, but he didn't mind at all.
They got safely into the bus, and the conductor made the pig stand outside again.
" Please don't let me get out of the bus without my pig this time," said Snooks to the conductor, when he paid his fare and the pig's. " I really must take him to market to-day."
The conductor promised. The bus rattled on, and after some time the conductor bawled out " The Market, the Market! Remember your PIG, Mister Snooks, remember your PIG, PIG, PIG! "
" All right, all right"" said Mister Snooks, going red when he saw everyone staring at him. ''You needn't keep on saying it. I'll remember the pig all right! "
He got out of the bus and took the pig with him. Snorter jumped down and trotted along to the market beside his master, very much enjoy­ing saying " How do you do " to all the cows, goats, sheep, geese and ducks that he passed.
Snooks looked everywhere for Mister Straw the farmer, but he couldn't see him. Someone told him that the farmer had gone to have a buttered bun in Dame Sally's cook-shop, so he went there. He tied up Snorter outside, and went in to find Farmer Straw.
Snorter stood outside talking to a grey goose there and a fat goat. Both belonged to the same master, and their strings were tied together.
" My master wants to sell me," said the goose, and was just going to tell the pig all about her life when Mister Snooks came out of the cook-shop. Farmer Straw wasn't there. He had gone to sell two cows in the middle of the market at twelve o'clock.
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