The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He untied Snorter and ran off with him.
Quickly, Mister Snooks untied the nearest string and set off to find the farmeróbut the foolish man had not looked to see that he was untying the right stringóand bless us all, he had the string belonging to the goose and the goat. Think of that! The Httle pig was left behind and the goose and the goat hurried after Mister Snooks, wondering whatever in the world was happening.
" SS-ss-ss-ss! " hissed the goose. But Mister Snooks took no notice. He was far too busy looking for Mister Straw.
At last he spied the farmer, who had just sold his cows at a very good price indeed, and was looking very pleased with himself.
" Farmer Straw! " called Mister Snooks, hurrying up to him. " I've been looking for you all the morning. Will you buy my pig? '
" Certainly," said Mister Straw, jingling all the money in his pocket. " I want a nice fat pig like yours, Mister Snooks. Where is he? '
" I've got him on this string," said Mister Snooks. " Come up, Snorter, come up! "
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