The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The farmer stared in astonishment at the goose and the goat on the string. Then he stared at Snooks.
" Do you think you really have a pig to sell me? " he asked. " Or are you quite, quite mad? "
Snooks stared angrily at Mister Straw. Then he looked round to see his pig—and he nearly fell backwards in amazement when he saw not one pig, but a goose and a goat, staring solemnly at him!
" But there was a pig! " he said. " There really was! Oh dear—what­ever can have happened to him this time! "
Then Farmer Straw began to laugh till the tears ran down his big round nose. " Oh, Snooks, you'll be the death of me! " he cried. " You really will! You've gone and taken someone else's animals instead of your poor little pig. How you do lose that pig to be sure! Anyone would think you didn't want him ! "
Snooks stared at the goose and the goat, and his heart beat fast in dis­may. Yes—he had left the pig behind at the cook-shop. He remembered
seeing the goose and the goat out­side now. His pig must be there!
Off he went at top speed, the goose waddling behind him, hiss­ing and cackling and the goat trot­ting in surprise. They couldn't understand things at all.
Back to the cook-shop went poor Mister Snooks—and there, looking very lonely and forlorn out­side, was poor little Snorter the pig. He looked up at his master with sur­prised eyes when he saw him coming back with the goose and the goat.
Snooks quietly tied up the two creatures hoping that no one had noticed the mistake he had made. But it was no use. Out of the shop came a furious little man, with bright red cheeks, angry eyes and a big stick!
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