The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" So it was you who took my goose and my goat, was it? " he cried. " Take that, and take that! "
Thwack, thwack! Poor Mister Snooks got such sharp blows on his shoulders that he danced with pain. He almost ran away without his pig— but he thought that really he couldn't go without him again. So he quickly untied Snorter and ran off with him, his shoulders smarting with the blows that the furious little man kept giving him.
" My! " thought Mister Snooks. " This is the last time I am so for­getful. It doesn't pay! It leads to no end of trouble! Oh dear! Now I must find Mister Straw."
He hunted about for the farmer for two hours and couldn't find him anywhere. Lots of people told him where they had just seen him, but when Mister Snooks arrived there, hot and bothered, he had always just gone.
But at last Snooks found him. He was about to get into his farm-cart, ready to drive home.
" Hie, hie! " shouted Snooks, running up. " Wait a moment. Will you buy my pig? I really have got him this time! "
He went up to Mister Straw, and the farmer looked down at the pig. " Ah," he said. " That surely is a fine pig, one of the fattest I've ever seen! A fine little fellow, surely! "
" How much will you give me for him? " asked Mister Snooks, eagerly.
" Nothing! " said the farmer. " You look into my cart, Snooks, and tell me what you see there." Snooks looked—and in the bottom of the cart lay—what do you think—a fine fat little pig, with a very curly tail and very bright eyes! " I've just bought him! " said the farmer, whipping up his horse and starting off home. " Sorry, Mister Snooks—you're just too late. It was a pity you kept forgetting to take that pig of yours to market! I'd take him home and keep him if I were you! "
So away back home went poor Mister Snooks with Snorter the pig. He didn't try to take him to market to sell him any more. No—he decided that it was too hard work to keep losing him and finding him again. So now he goes out to work and earns quite a lot of money.
As for Snorter the pig, you can guess where he is! Sitting warming his nose by the kitchen fire—for, as you may know by now, Snooks never can remember to shut his kitchen door!
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