The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He began to scrape about busily in the pile, and he didn't hear Mr. Tailer coming back with a tin of paraffin. Mr. Tailer threw some paraffin on the heap, the little flame caught it and it all flared up in a rush, startling Woffles almost out of his wits!
He rushed off, jumped over
the fence and ran indoors, very
He looked at himself in the glass.
much frightened. And then he had another dreadful shock—for when he looked at himself in the glass, oh dear me! His beautiful long whiskers had all been burnt off when the fire flamed up! Woffles stared at himself in horror.
" My whiskers! "Jie said, in a frightened whisper. " My beautiful, beautiful whiskers! They are gone! Oh, how dreadful I look! Oh, what will people say! How they will laugh at me! Oh, why did I poke my nose into old Tailer's rubbish-heap? What a terrible thing to happen to me! "
Poor Woffles didn't sleep that night. He tossed and turned in his small bed and wondered what to do. At last he made up his mind that he would tie up his face in a handkerchief, to hide that he had lost his whiskers, and then he would see if he couldn't get some from somebody. Perhaps Dame Longnose could get him some. She was very clever indeed.
So the next day everyone was most astonished to see Woffles with his face tied up in a handkerchief. They felt sure he had the tooth-ache and they were very sorry for him.
" Poor Woffles! " said Mrs. Rabbit. " Come along to my burrow to-night when my husband is at home. He will pull out any tooth that is aching."
:< Oh, no thank you! " said Woffles, and ran off in a hurry. He didn't want people to start pulling his teeth out! It was quite bad enough to have lost his whiskers without losing his teeth too!
He thought he would go and visit Dame Longnose. So he packed up a bag and off he went. That night he arrived at the Dame's cottage and she let him in, surprised to see the little mouse so late at night.
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