The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He sat on a stool by the counter and looked eagerly at the box.
They can't do it themselves. I sewed on two sets yesterday—one on a toy cat and the other set on a velvet lion. They looked fine, I can tell you! Now, take off that handkerchief you've got wound round your head, and TO just sew these whiskers on neatly for you."
" B-b-b-b-but it will hurt m-m-m-me! " said Woffles, in a fright. " Can't you stick them on! "
" No good at all," said the gnome. " Stuck-on whiskers always come off. Sewing is the only thing for whiskers. Please hurry up and take off that handkerchief. I'm busy to-day! "
" No," said Woffles, firmly. " No. I'm not going to have that great needle sticking into me, sewing on those whiskers. Give me back my money, please. I won't buy whiskers that have to be sewn on."
"" You certainly won't have your money back! " said the gnome crossly. " What, after all the trouble I've taken, you say you're not going to have those lovely whiskers. I never heard of such a thing! Come along now—I'm ready to sew on the whiskers at once! "
He suddenly came round the counter and made a dash at Woffles.
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