The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Oh Worries, you silly Httle mouse, your burnt-orT whiskers have grown again! said the witch and she laughed till she cried. " To think you've worked for a week for old Dame Longnose, and given that toy­shop gnome six pennies, and worked for me for a fortnight for new whiskers—and all the time you didn't need them because you had a lovely new set growing under your handkerchief. Ho ho ho! "
Woffles was glad, and yet he was sorry. What a lot of work he had done for nothing! How people would laugh when they heard about his whiskers! What a foolish fellow he had been!
" It's no use my giving you these whiskers now," said the witch, throwing them into the fire. " But let me give you a piece of advice instead, Woffles. Don't go poking that sharp little nose of yours into other people's business! Then your fine new whiskers will be safe! "
" Thank you," said Woffles, humbly, and he ran off home with his bag. Everyone was delighted to see him again—but he didn't say a word about his adventures. No—he was much too ashamed of himself.
" I'll keep my nose to myself in future! " he said to himself—and, as he has still got his very fine whiskers, I expect he has kept his word!
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