The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Tig, the Brownie Robber
T here was once a robber brownie called Tig. He was big and fat and vain, and he had twenty servant brownies who followed him every­where. Tig was a rogue. He and his twenty Httle servants would creep up to a village in the night, surround it, and then, with loud shouts and yells, frighten all the people so that they came rushing out of their homes. Then the brownies would run into the open doors and steal anything they could lay their hands on.
Everybody was afraid of them.
One of the servants always carried a large trunk, full of Tig's beautiful coats. Tig wore all kinds of colours, and his coats were sewn with silver and gold, and set with precious stones. He was very proud of them indeed.
Now one day, as Tig and his servants passed quietly through a wood on their way to a village they meant to surprise that night, they were seen by a small pixie whose name was Shrimpy, because he was so little. He heard the sound of quiet tramping, and looked out of the hole of the tree in which he was living. How excited he was to see the robbers!
" If anyone catches those robbers they get a sack of gold! " thought Shrimpy with joy. " Now, I am a clever pixie. Maybe if I follow the robbers I shall learn their ways and find some way of catching them all!"
So he jumped out of his tree and began to follow the robbers. But he hadn't gone very far, creeping behind trees and watching them, before Tig caught sight of him. Tig had very sharp eyes in his round fat face, and they didn't miss anything.
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