The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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That night was really freezing. Tig gave orders that his servants were to camp under the trees, and he would march on a little way ahead to a cottage he knew. A friend of his lived there, and he meant to have supper with him.
" I'll be back in the morning," he told his men. " Shrimpy, you come with me. I may want to change my coat to-night, when I see my friend, so you must carry my trunk. And if there is any message to give my men, you shall go back with it."
Shrimpy groaned. Oh dear! He had so hoped that he could find a hole in a tree and sleep there, warm and comfortable that night. Now he had to carry that horrid trunk through the wood for miles!
He put it on his shoulder and followed Tig. How glad he was when the master brownie came to the cottage and was welcomed by his friend!
" I shan't want any of my coats after all," said Tig, with a grin. " I knew I shouldn't. But I thought it would do you good to carry that trunk a bit longer! "
And with that the unkind brownie slammed the door and left Shrimpy outside with the trunk.
" All that way to go back with this hateful trunk! " groaned poor Shrimpy. " Oh, it's too bad! I could have been resting all this long time. How I hate Tig! "
He put the trunk on his shoulder and staggered back through the wood with it, thinking how horrid Tig was, and how he wished he could punish him. And slowly a plan came into his quick little mind.
He was so pleased with it that he almost danced for joy, though the trunk felt heavier than ever. At last he got back to the camp. He called to the men.
" There is a message from the master! "
" What is it? " cried the men, gathering round him, shivering, for their fire did not give out much heat.
" You are to warm yourselves by digging a big pit to-night," said Shrimpy. " It is to be a trap for an enemy, and must be finished quickly, before the daylight comes. If it is finished well, Tig says you may each have a coat of his to keep you warm to-night. I will button them round you. Now, work hard! "
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